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good morning, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm cheryl zblengs san francisco police may have a huge lead in the theft of a drawing by pablo picasso. >> it was taken yesterday a seven sill sketch. investigators may have evidence from a seized surveillance video. >> when i first call the gallery to tell them about picture, the gallery sounded very excited
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about it. later a spokesperson they can't comment because of the investigation is pending. you have on to imagine they are thrilled. it likely will help. >> it's a the image is clear and perfectly fits the description right down to the lowers on his feet with no socks and he is carrying a picture right at the time they reported the theft. the owner was delighted when he found the image on his surveillance camera. >> i couldn't believe that i got that lucky i got a picture of him. this guy walked down the street and jumped into a cab. >> a police lieutenant called the restaurant to inquiry about the picture. spokesman who saw the video very clear. the restaurant is hoping this will be the clue that cracks the case. >> it's pretty high resolution. i'm sure if they post this oh
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the air somebody will recognize this guy and find him. he want to help the neighborhood out. >> catching the man who stole $200,000 pencil drawing from 1965 is pretty good use of a surveillance camera but that shot why the restaurant installed it. the owner got the camera because of a piece of plastic. >> we saw mannequin at the door and somebody stole his left arm. so after the last theft. we decided to put security cameras up. >> the arm was returned and with different adventures. they secured it but still have the camera up and rolling just in case. >> this is lefty o'do you live's left arm, very famous baseball player. i never thought we would catch
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the guy with picasso. >> there are several picassos but there is only one left arm. >> they told police they have the image. they haven't stopped by to take a look and at this time, police have not made any arrests. >> thanks so much. >> we have breaking news right now out of marin county, authorities have evacuated ten homes after construction crew rupture had a gas line into kentfield. it happened a short time ago in the area of lancaster avenue where the pg&e is on the way to cap the leak. no word on how long the residents will be out of their homes. >> the search resumed for 7 lost men lost in the sea of cortez lost since sunday. here are pictures. men. so far one person is confirmed
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dead. 55-year-old man from stanislaus county. they resumed the search joining in with the coastguard. divers are expect to go down to the boat today to search for bodies. they are holding out hope they are still alive but the daughter of one she had a bad feeling about this trip. >> i did make a phone call on him on his way to mexico and said i have a very mixed feeling that something is going to happen which is why i said i'm going call. i said uncle, please take care of him. >> the water in the gulf is warm and somebody could survive for days if they had fresh water to drink. we are just getting word there has been a missing cyclist from berkeley. anthony michael martin was seen with his bike in roseville and
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he did not appear to be in distress and this case is now a private matter. oakland's police chief is explaining plans to reorganize his department now that it's ranked 200 officers smaller. they 638 officers compared to 832 in late 2008. the city laid off 80 officers last year and is losing 6 a month due to attrition. they want to expand special units and patrol more efficiently that includes dividing field operations into two separate units. >> jury selection is under way for roger clemens. he faces 6 felony counts about lying to congress. in 2009 he testified under oath that he had never used steroids
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or human growth hormones and he never tested positive for drug use but he is in a list of alleged steroid using players. casey anthony is due back in a florida courtroom to be sentenced for lying to police about the debts of her daughter, that is after what many people are calling a shocking acquittal on murder charges. after years of investigation. they took less than eight who's to decide that she was not guilty. an alternate juror who sat through the trial had this to say on "good morning america." >> so much reasonable doubt, the prosecution did not present the evidence that caylee had been murdered. >> if you took my client oust equation and look at the evidence from the scientific
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point of view, it didn't die together with the jury. >> do they x-to talk to casey? >> at some point, yes. >> they say false accusations had destroyed his client's reputation. it depends on the judges sentence she could be free by the weekend. >> mark zuckerberg what he promoted as being awesome. terry mcsweeney joins us from palo alto and he took a while to get to that announcement. >> the announcement is just now breaking up. i saw a few people coming out of the room over there but going on for more than an hour, this guy is a superstar when president obama he looks up mark zuckerberg, the last time he said something awesome was coming up it le had to a media frenzy and it has to do a
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partnership with skype. it was live streamed on facebook he is in a great t-shirt making the announcement, video chatted capabilities are available on facebook, a number of friends can chat at the same time. this is coming out in the wake of google launching an application called hang out. that announcement prompted today's announcement. here is what zuckerberg had to say about the partnership and how easy it is. >> i can call, i can go to peter's profile and even if he hasn't instilled installed the plug in, i can click call him and something will pop up on his screen and he in realtime he want to download the plug-in and we are video chatting. >> he said it was going to be awesome. he says in addition to the
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partnership with skype, he is announcing that there is a lot of new stuff coming down the pike and new software, like a music partnership. i had to leave a little earlier. david louie is in there right now. he was blogging throughout the announcement. he'll have much more for you tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. live in palo alto, terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." >> another social networking monster, president obama is answering questions in the first ever twitter townhall. he is answering questions in front of an audience in the east room of the white house instead of answer weigh tweets. the public has submitted questions over twitter. some of the tweets, afl/cio says
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where are the jobs? republicans have been pounding the president. john boehner, would you admit the stimulus was mistake? we have a link on our website at under see it on tv if you want to ask a question. >> just ahead, a government warning that terrorists are renewing an old tactic. >> currently we have all the sides of the airport. >> dramatic audio recordings after they made an emergency landing because a hole ripped open in the fuselage.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. there is a warning on airlines that some terrorists could be putting explosives on. tsa say that people coming here from overseas, there may be more screening. u.s. security officials placing explosives inside people is not a new idea. >> and army psychiatrist will face a military trial in deadly
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fort hood rampage. major nidal hassan is charged with 32 counts of feayd murder and 13 counts of murder. they announced plans to seek the death penalty today. witnesses say he shouted allah akbar before he begin shooting. president obama will send condolence members to service members that commit suicide while in service. in a written statement, he says this is an emotional, painful and complicated issue that these americans served our nation bravely. they didn't but they didn't get the help they needed must change. they have recording in which an incident had a six foot hole ripped off open part of the
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fuselage. that sent the plane on a terrifying descent. here is the frightening drama over arizona as pilots talk frantically to air traffic controlers. >> they were cruising at 32,000 feet when suddenly the roof of the plan ripped open. passengers could see daylight. >> it was frightening. >> as the just released audio recordings reveal the pilots knew they had a major problem. >> southwest 812, is that you? on board, 118 passengers grabbed their oxygen masks as they pushed down the plane on a terrifying descent. 20,000 feet in less than five minutes. >> probably turn around and go back to phoenix. >> apparently we've got all of
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the fuselage in the back of the airplane. >> but they were running out time. >> how far away. >> you may hit your 3:00 position. >> they worked together to bring down the crippled plane. amazingly no one was hurt. >> the investigation continues but as we first reported, it appears that a manufacturing defect caused the plane to peel apart. mike nicco is up to talk about the gradual cooling. >> and it is gradual even though it's going to be cooler and 90s in the forecast, when those leave us and when we'll see more of this fog and how it will influence our to forecast. >> plus, an abc news exclusive, new video of jaycee dugard. >> and votes are in, find out what international city will host the 2018 winter olympic
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we want to take you back
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live to the white house right now where president obama is using social media to interact with the public. this is the first ever twitter townhall meeting. he is focusing on jobs and the economy. we are streaming it live on line click on see it on tv. you asked him ba question? >> we'll talk to mike, submitted your questions right now, when it's going to cool. >> for most of us, it's going to be small but hot in a lost areas but we will turn some air-conditioners off toward the weekend. finger of fog rolling through the golden gate there and parts of the coasts still dealing with a lot of clouds. any other pictures, there you go how it's not moved inland yet. until we see depth inland of
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this morning fog and clouds we really won't get a lost cooling then. show you what is going on as far as the satellite is concerned. we're right along the coast. you can see the thickest of the clouds, few high clouds is hanging above us, that is the moisture from the system that brought that sand storm to phoenix yesterday. temperatures, three degrees warmer in san francisco and three degrees cooler in concord and five degrees cooler in concord. we have 57 in half moon bay to 61 in san francisco. a lot of upper 60s to 70s around the bay shore. mid to upper 70s around the south bay valleys to 87 in livermore. watsonville, 72 and 84 in gilroy. it will be sunny around the bay and inland. clouds will hang to the coast not quite as hot. they will lose a few degrees here and there. it becomes cloudy and more
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cooling in the afternoon hours. we'll see the deepest of it before the weekend. we are actually a little warmer, two degrees warmer, fremont, concord, san jose and santa rosa all about 2-3 degrees cooler. sunset is at 8:35 this evening. very hot in the east bay valleys. et 92 to dublin, brentwood, 99 degrees. look at the breeze along the east bay shore, 72 in berkeley but fremont, 87 degrees. mid-80s near the bay. 78 in millbrae and low to mid-80s of where else. pockets of sunshine along the coastguard this afternoon. upper 60s to low 70s downtown south san francisco. throw mid-60s along the beaches in the north bay. mid to upper 80s in north bay. >> coliseum 12:345 game, 71
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warming up to 76. big game for sunburn. later on this evening, 7:15 first pitch at at&t park, we'll have partially cloudy conditions 63 dropping down to 59. temperatures is pretty comfortable, 49 in santa rosa, concord, 60 to antioch the warm spot at 66. the sea breeze, onshore when it comes over the 50-degree ocean waters, this strengthens all the way through saturday. take a look and how it drops our temperatures say two to four degrees every day. so tomorrow, friday and in to saturday. by the time sunday and monday, low to mid-80s inland and low to mid-70s around the bay, around upper 50s to 60 at the coast. >> thank you, mike. listen to this, kidnapped victim jaycee dugard is going to
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give her first television interview on diane sawyer. >> what it takes to survive. what you say to yourself, having to remember she was in the fifth grade. she had two babies. >> the now 31-year-old has written a memoir. she was kidnapped and held captive for 18 years. she was repeatedly abused by her kid naper. philip garrido pleaded guilty refusing a life sentence and nancy garrido will serve 30 years. this morning the international olympic committee revealed which city will hosted the 2018 winter games.
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>> they defeated rivals from munich germany. koreans had lost two others. in south korea large crowds waved flags. it will be the first city outside of japan to host the
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you can see
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